The 10 top ranked programming languages … according to RedMonk

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I like the RedMonk rankings because they’re based on “programming traction on Github and StackOverflow”. I’m a big user of Github and StackOverflow, so this list seems more relevant to me than the Tiobe Community Index, which is based on job listings.

Both lists have pretty much the same languages in the Top Ten, but the ordering is quite different. The way I see it, RedMonk nails it by ranking Javascript as the number one language. Every web developer knows that Javascript is the language that really matters these days. The backend languages are always there, but Javascript is language that puts the pretty face on the data coming out of the boiler room. One of my buddies at a big Rails shop tells me that 80% of their hours are spent on front-end programming these days — and that means Javascript and HTML5.

Here are the RedMonk 10 Top Ten languages. Lucky for me I teach courses in five of them. Do I have my finger on the Pulse of Technology or what?

  1. JavaScript @ CSM CIS 128 Mobile Web App Development with JQuery and HTML5. This is not strictly a Javascript course, but we’ll be using JQuery, a very useful Javascript library, for the client-side programming, and HTML5 for the interface programming.
  2. Java
  3. PHP @ CSM CIS 380 PHP Programming. I’m subbing for a friend for one semester only. This is not my ever-popular CCSF PHP course.
  4. Python @ CSM and CCSF CS 131A Python Programming. This is a great course, a high-intensity 8-week Summer Session immersion into Python. Take it only if you can commit serious time to learning.
  5. Ruby @ CSM and CCSF CS 132A Ruby Programming and CS 132 Rails Development. The Ruby course is taught from an Internet programming perspective. It’s all about the Web, Dude. The Rails course is a new in Spring 2014, and will fill up fast.
  6. C#
  7. C++
  8. C
  9. Objective-C
  10. Perl @ CCSF CS 113A Introduction to Perl Programming. I recommend this course if you’re just getting into programming. It has a great set of exercises, assignments, and quizzes that help you start thinking like a programmer.

Read more about programming language rankings at RedMonk and the Tiobe Community Index.

P.S. Should CCSF fail to regain accreditation and shutdown next summer, all of my CCSF courses will still be available at my eCourses web site. In fact, I’ll be adding new courses.

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