Hacking the Valley

by Douglas Putnam

Python Summer courses

I'm teaching Python programming at CCSF and CSM this Summer. The CSM Python course differs from the CCSF course in two ways: it's 4 units, not 3, and one week longer, which gives us the chance to cover deploying Python applications to Cloud providers. Otherwise, the courses are identical.


Both the CCSF and CSM classes are full, but if you're interested in taking one of these courses, send me an email at my CCSF or CSM address with the subject line of "PYTHON WAIT LIST" and I'll put your name on my unofficial wait list. I will be giving add codes only during the first week of the semester to fill vacancies.


CS 131A Python Programming

June 16 – Aug 1

3 Units



CIS 117 Internet Programming: Python

June 16 –Aug 7

4 Units


Fall courses

Registration is now open for the Fall 2014 semester at both CCSF and CSM. I'll be teaching the courses listed below.

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